24 Nov 2010


Here is a second black and white creature portrait completed in Photoshop, in this instance a thuggish type of character. I wanted to feature a different type of mouth design, so I went for two independent moving lower jawbones with lots of small razor sharp teeth.

11 Nov 2010


Here's the first of a series of creature portraits I've done in Photoshop, this is a slightly different take on Frankenstein's monster. I usually work out images tonally before working in the colour, and I've decided to leave it at this stage as I quite like the effect.

12 Aug 2010


Here are a few aircraft I designed for Stormbirds, these orthographic views were passed to the 3D Artists on the team to be created for the game. Below is the fantastic movie created by Realtime UK showcasing what the game could of been..it also features a few of my aircraft designs and liveries !


18 Jul 2010


This is the first of a few batches of concept work I'll be posting that I did for the Stormbirds game. The Proximity Mine and EMP were airborne weaponry while the Instant Fire Weapon and Rail Gun were to be mounted on aircraft (note that for the Railgun I did 6 different trail versions for the Art Director to choose from)

4 Jul 2010


These drawings were done straight in pen and I found them to be extremely challenging (no rubbing out mistakes) and also a change from using charcoal and conte crayons. Initial measurements would be done with very light marks before heading in with the basic structure and then on to the detailing, most sketches were completed between 5 and 20 minutes.

30 Jun 2010


I thought I'd kick off my blog by posting some old life drawing, I'll keep updating every few weeks until they're all online.